GEORGE Interior Design + Build is a trusted design partner & building resource. We see the big picture but execute in excruciating detail.




We have a particularly honed set of chops in kitchen and bathroom design. We've developed a solid track-record of creating and safe-guarding the homeowner's design goals in every aspect of the building process. 



 From strategizing, to planning, to CAD schematics, to building departments, to purchasing, to executing the build, & every last detail of the styling, we see the process of making and living in or someday selling your home as our craft.   

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 Decorating will never lose it's place as an important part of "finishing" a home. We believe that a home should reflect the personality and utility of its owners. When a certain atmosphere is what you aspire to, we are the right team for the job. 

California modern with a clear-headed vibe.


Designed and styled for a pair of bohemian clients with a laid-back sensibility, this house was completed slowly, unfolding its personality and sense of continuity over time. Every room added a new dimension, a new environment for sharing and enjoying a different aspect of the human experience. 



Photography by Margaret Austin Photography.

Kitchen photos by Emily Hagopian Photography.

Kitchen photos by Emily Hagopian Photography.

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Indoor-outdoor living, wide-open floor plan, a California dream house.


This house was built to welcome family and friends in equal parts and in grand quantities.  Every consideration from the open layout, ample seating areas, durable finishes and timeless furnishings speak to the careful planning for carefree, delightful enjoyment of the made home. 


Photography by Manolo Langis.

A backhouse gets new life and ends up stealing the homeowners' hearts.


Built to accommodate friends and college-age family members back for summer visits, this project quickly turned into the homeowners favorite place to hang on the property. with a knack for selecting small space kitchen appliances, furnishings and color schemes that maximize a sense of airiness, with this project we proved that bigger isn't always better.