Founded by UCLA X grad Emily Zoba Maynard, in 2009, GEORGE Interior Design + Build has earned a spot in the design fabric of both Los Angeles and San Francisco.   


Maynard earned a BA in Communication Studies from Vanderbilt in 2003, followed by 3 years of specialized training in design & interior architecture at UCLA X in 2007.  She honed her decorating skills at Waterleaf Interiors, a Manhattan Beach, CA decorating institution, followed by a few years of focus on interior spacial design for the renowned LA architecture and design firm, KAA. Since opening GEORGE Interior Design in March of 2009, Maynard has developed a unique way of working with clients, always as the primary point person and in doing so, formed years-long relationships with several clients in the beach cities and more recently the Bay Area.  Once we know your style and design goals, we are able to provide the kind of guidance and support that we believe you will find invaluable.